UNI_PAL 300©

Automatic crates palletizer

The UNI_PAL 300© palletizer allows automatic palletization of cardboard, wood and plastic crates on footboards sized 800x1200 mm and 1000x1200 mm. It can operate with freestanding footboards or with automatic footboard supply systems, enabling total automation of the palletization line.

PRECISION AND DELICATE HANDLING: all movements are controlled by electronic variable speed drives, enabling the machine to be used even for palletization of particular types of crates and extremely delicate produce.

VERSATILITY: the use of a special plate for transfer of the crate mosaic means that it can be used with various types of crates of different sizes.

MOBILITY: the UNI_PAL 300© model with freestanding footboard can be equipped with wheels, allowing it to be moved easily to any point in the line where palletization is required.

COST SAVINGS: the reliability of UNI_PAL 300© helps reduce processing costs.